Preparing the Business Case for Business Intelligence

"Building a business case for a BI program can be a significant challenge. One of the benefits of doing one well is to ensure that the correct amount of resource is applied at the critical stages of a project."

Many Business Intelligence (BI) programs struggle to define how they will deliver a return on investment (ROI). Others never gain sufficient investment to underwrite success. Additionally, independent surveys show that a significant number of BI projects had no formal business case built for them at all.

We will work with you to develop a BI business case either for the organisation, or where necessary, for an initiative or function. In doing so, we will employ the BI Balanced Investment Model, a component of BI Exploitation Best Practice.

We have identified three core areas where BI ROI can be achieved:

The Operational Case

Here we focus on the technical alternatives for the production of BI. Whilst there may be no formally recognised budget for BI existing in an organisation, it is usually the case that significant amounts of time and money are spent building reports and distributing information. We work with you to identify where these costs are, and help quantify the cost benefit of alternative BI solutions and approaches.

The Strategic Case

We examine the ways in which other organisations have gained value from BI and identify the BI "sub-applications" that have been applied in your industry or discipline to gain substantial business benefit. We use this experience and knowledge to make a quantitative and qualitative forecast of the returns to be gained from your BI investment.

The Data Quality Case

Very often, the first benefits (often entirely unpredicted) that organisations realise from their BI investment are in data quality. The ability of BI solutions to examine information from multiple perspectives can give an insight into data that is simply not possible with transaction systems. This "insight" often exposes flaws in data quality and in the underlying business processes that manage that data. Our clients have instances of a single "data quality" discovery funding the cost of a project. We will work with you to identify where these returns are most likely to occur.