BI Vision and Strategy Development

"We have visibility of over 250 BI projects. Our experience is that most, but not all, of the successes and failures in BI can be traced to "getting it right or wrong" in the strategy phase"

We will work with you to define and refine your BI Vision and Strategy. We will also provide an independent review of your strategy once it has been developed.

We aim to help you answer the following questions:

  • How important is BI to the business?
  • What level of BI capability do we require as an organisation?
  • What is our current level of BI capability?
  • Why and what benefits will it bring?
  • Does it vary by function?
  • What are the key pillars and standards of our BI Architecture?
  • What are the gaps between the current state and the vision?
  • How do we bridge these gaps?
  • What does our road-map look like?
  • Our philosophy is to ensure that all elements of a program or project are in place to ensure success. We employ elements of BI Exploitation Best Practice and place emphasis not only on the technical fit of the solution, but also on the realistic definition of business needs and the adoption of the solution once it is rolled out. Subjects covered can include:

  • Business Strategy to BI Strategy map
  • BI Mission Statement
  • BI Exploitation Benchmark
  • Governance models
  • BI Architecture
  • BI standards
  • Selection of core Technology Partners
  • Profiling of Services Partners
  • Support and sustenance model
  • Socialisation