BI Storyboards

"Management Teams can become swamped with information. Even where the BI is good, something extra is often required to bring teams speedily to a common and joined up view of where the business is and the challenges it faces."

Using our "BI Storyboarding" techniques we will work with you, using primarily existing data & BI, to provide compelling insights on specific, timely and critical issues for your business.

This is different from many traditional BI projects in that we will play an active hands-on role to help you develop appropriate storyboards and land them in the business.

We help create a joined up view a team's BI, enabling them to quickly see the "wood for the trees", revealing (sometimes hidden) truths and identifying the best way to express this to the broader business community.


  • Working with you to understand the business issue
  • Data extraction from your own systems
  • Analysing available external data
  • Assembling or reassembling the data
  • Creation of compelling trends, graphics, cockpits and short sharp commentary
  • Making connections between the data across, and up and down, your business to infer root causes
  • Piecing together the story, by assembling a logical sequence of numbers, pictures and insight and hence thought-processes in a highly visual manner
  • Clear identification of business process pressure points for which operational action is needed
  • Building a forward view
  • Drawing the leadership towards an overall strategic conclusion using the resulting storyboard as an aid to fact-based decision making
  • Benefits

  • Joined-up views across the value chain
  • Better "Line of Sight" visibility
  • Improved teamwork
  • Speedier delivery and reduced cost of BI by focusing on using what you've already got
  • Resulting BI gets straight to the heart of the business issue