Return on Investment Reviews

Understanding and measuring the return on investment in BI has always been a challenge. We believe that this is because the scope of the costs and benefits analysed are frequently too narrow.

We will provide an independent, broad-based and objective review of your BI solution and its application in your business.

We will work with you to review, understand and measure the key components that determine whether your organisation is deriving an appropriate return from its BI investments.

We will utilise the BI Balance Investment Model and cockpit within BI Exploitation Best Practice to analyse and measure where costs are being incurred and benefits driven. We will identify the changes that need to be made to your metrics system and then help you implement them.

The scope of the BI ROI Review encompasses:

  • BI Infrastructure
  • BI Service Providers
  • BI Users
  • BI Sustenance
  • We aim to help you answer the following questions:

  • How have our investments in BI performed?
  • Have they delivered the value planned for?
  • Do we have hidden successes that might be replicated throughout our organisation?
  • How do we perform in comparison to similar organisations?
  • What do we spend on each of the major BI components?
  • What are the interdependencies between these components?