BI Report Packs

"Business Reporting Packs can become moribund, overly complex or bypassed by change. It is essential that they are kept relevant and reflect the requirements and priorities of the teams that are using them."

The creation/revitalisation of a report pack requires a deep appreciation of the type of Management Information and presentation style needed to monitor the performance of a business on an ongoing basis. We have extensive experience of the creation, deployment and sustenance of such packs.

Our experience shows that whilst advanced technology can play a part, initially it is more important to establish a drive and hunger and to make it happen. This, coupled with clarity of purpose and audience, good choice of content, compelling presentation style and extensive communication of the requirements and process, is a prerequisite for success. Simplicity and leveraging existing data and systems are typically central to our approach.

The report pack will paint a picture of the business and answer the following questions:

  • What was the business performance in the past?
  • What is the performance against the plan and the reasons for variance to plan?
  • What will the performance be in the future?
  • How do we compare with our peers and the competition?
  • What actions are being taken to make improvements?
  • The answers to these questions will be provided through numbers, graphics and commentary, for which we have tried and tested templates, which you can use or adapt.

    Initially we will use surprisingly low cost, low complexity, low maintenance technology, but with high visual impact. Your future option would be to automate - but only if and when the prototype is successfully deployed.


  • Agree scope - company, sector or function
  • Agree broad content - financial or non financial
  • Agree detail - leading and lagging ratios, metrics
  • Assemble existing data sources and reports
  • Rationalise reports, create new standard template
  • Assemble numbers and cockpit style dashboard
  • Draft first commentary - targets, results, actions
  • Implement change management- people, timing etc
  • Embed report pack into routine business process
  • Enable understanding and insights
  • When established, consider options for automation
  • Benefits

  • A succinct and balanced Reporting Pack
  • A common platform and perspective from which to steer the business
  • Moving the focus from assembling and reconciling data to analysing information and making decisions
  • Improved governance of key information