Information Security Services

"Striking an appropriate balance between information accessibility, usability and security is challenging. As business threats and legislative requirements continue to grow, organisations need to ensure that information security is correctly reflected in both technical designs and operational/business governance processes."

Information Security can be of critical importance, particularly in the cases where an organisation:

  • has publicly traded shares that are subject to one or more regulating bodies (e.g. the FSA)
  • exists within a highly competitive market place(s)
  • manages nationally important infrastructure or services
  • Our research indicates that Information Security is an area where good governance is not frequently applied. We often find an overtly technical focus on the glamour of firewalls and hacking, at the expense of a more pragmatic and fundamental approach of ensuring correct management and control of access to sensitive information i.e. "through the front door rather than the kitchen window".

    We help organisations to achieve a sensible balance between the conflicting pressures of usability, accessibility and security. To achieve this, we deliver two service packages which can be blended to meet specific client needs. The services outlined encompass both the technical and business aspects, and cover both structured and unstructured information.

  • Information Security Health-Checks and Business Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Assurance and Service Management