BI Executive Coaching

"BI is a young discipline that requires a mix of business, organisational change and technology skills. Unfortunately the training and coaching available to individuals entering BI management roles is either too generic or too narrow. "

We will support BI/CRM executives and senior stakeholders in the process coming up to speed in their new roles. We will work with them to understand where their gaps lie and then formulate a program constituting a mix of executive workshops and on the job coaching.

For the technology-centric Executive, we typically focus on:

  • Business challenges and constraints
  • Key BI business processes and their role in sustaining them
  • How to communicate to the business and stakeholder community the opportunities and constraints of BI technology
  • The holistic process of delivering business value from BI
  • For the business-centric Executive, we typically focus on:

  • The bits of BI technology they need to know
  • The BI technology decisions and processes they need to be involved in
  • Managing the expectations of the business user community
  • BI Governance