Our Business Philosophy

We are an organisation dedicated to Business Intelligence. In particular to the goal of driving the adoption of Business Intelligence within organisations to ensure significant and tangible return on investment.

At Whitby Partners, we use our concentrated nexus of talent and understanding to focus on the solution. An antithesis to the nature of large consultancies, we are not bound by an expansive need to dilute the quality of our staff to maximise profit. We are thus able to provide genuine expertise in Business Intelligence at every level, and concentrate in finding the real, long-term solution for your business.

Our business model allows us to offer an attractive solution that is not hindered by an attempt to engineer a long term contract. We prefer to "do what we say on the tin" and use our expertise to provide appropriate, insightful, and genuine guidance. Not just towards ticking the boxes of business targets, but providing an authentic context to management advice, and ultimately helping you realise a more efficient and effective end-user solution, that will ensure good return on investment for years to come.

We focus primarily on the front and back end of the BI project life cycles where the vast majority of project successes and failures are determined. We show a healthy lack of reverence for some of the "sacred cows" of BI and a passion for making the solution work for the business. We have no partnerships with technology vendors.